June 11, 2013

  • State of Cakalusa.

    Writing here for years has been nothing but special. I loved reading the feedback and steady flow of "LOLs." But over the years, I've lost motivation. Creativity doesn't come as often, and I simply don't have enough time to sit down and write posts like I have in the past. I went from needing to post every. single. day, to posting once a week. I feel obligated and forced to write "regularly" here. The news of impending doom coming to Xanga doesn't help.

    Now I'm digging deep. The next 30 days (up until the proposed "End of Xanga"), I will be posting content completely unedited, and unstructured from my cache website @cakalusastrikes. It's where I've been pre-writing my posts to copy & paste into this blog; I had 75+ posts queued up at one point. Some posts are public--and you'll get a glimpse of how unstructured and convoluted my early draft posts can be--but most are private. The posts you will read in the coming weeks can date back to 2006, but never saw daylight, until starting today.

    If Xanga survives, that's excellent news, and might reignite my blog like some tattered phoenix. If the clouds hover above on July 16th, then this blog too shall fade.

    Casual Fridays.
    I dress for success.

    ...too bad I had my fly unzipped for half the day. Fail!

    Fried Chicken Stories: Part 2.
    Remember that episode of Simpsons when Homer didn't get all that he could eat at the seafood buffet? And when they ran out of food, he went fishing for more seafood?


    Is it sad if I had a craving for KFC at midnight, and it was closed, and I ended up going to a bowling alley to buy fried chicken? Cause I didn't...DON'T JUDGE ME! DAMN IT!

    P.S.S Chicken fingers at a bowling alley aren't bad at all. Just a sidenote....

    Car Fun.
    Zomg, I are teh thin!

    Old school video from the lost archives. Circa 2004, in a friend's car.

    UPDATE 9:12PM

    Dericious Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche!

    New recipe with the sister. She makes delicious Ecuadorian shrimp ceviche, while suffering no injuries.

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