Month: December 2012

  • Sharing a Drawing.

    Boredom leads to seeking activity. Seeking activity leads to creativity. Creativity leads to ... cavities?

    Here's a collaboration game I made up with a friend. The first person would draw a random object, line, or squiggle on the board. The second would then fill in the rest to make a completed image. Here are the results:

    PIECE #1

    PIECE #2
    "Draw me like one of your French ladies!"

    PIECE #3

  • A Christmas Cruise: Part 1

    Shiver me timbers! Join me on ye vast voyage to the sun-filled Bahamas. Drink what I drink. Eat what I eat. Vomit over the balcony what I vomit. It's Christmas, you swine, and you'll enjoy the pictures I bring forth to ye!

    Day 1.
    Boarding from Manhattan. I hope I turned off the stove.
    The room. It's a lot bigger than this picture makes it seem.
    The lady waving goodbye.
    Not even 15 minutes and we've people in the hot tubs already!
    Time for a play video games.
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    @lovejennyy, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Holiday Gifts.

    So, what gifts did everyone get for the holidays?
  • A Christmas Sausage.
    For Christmas, all I want is more Chinese sausage.
    In return, I can teach you how to Tebow.

    I also shouldn't be surprised the gift my brother delivered to me was covered in Hanukkah wrapping labels.
    Mazel tov!

  • Cakalusa versus Zombies.
    Mmm...medium rare.

    Aww yiss! New video. Okay, the game isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Sure, there's a few bugs, minor annoyances of players trying to kill each other instead of help (though that's part of the charm in this game), and traveling by foot everywhere. But it's still fun.

    Here's a second play though of The War Z. I explore the city, make a few (Russian and Swedish) friends along the way, battle hunger, and run into a pack of zombies & bandits. Will I survive? Find out!

    What games are you playing now?

  • The End of the World.

    Sadly, this will be my last blog post. The Earth is going away.

    I've reason to believe based on research (rhymes with 'ikipedia') that the end of the world is coming. If fact, it's sooner than you might think. December 21st, 2012 is the day. That's it. Kaput. The Mayans said so. Sort of. Not really. It's all over the news and the Internet, so I'm pretty sure it's happening.

    On December 22nd I'm fairly certain that the Xanga website, servers, and bags of eProps that live within their offices and server rooms will still be there. But what good is Xanga if nobody's around to use it?

    I, for one, am making preparations by doing everything I've always wanted to do!

    I started by selling everything I own.

    As of about a week ago, I've stopped wearing clothes.

    I'm trying one new illegal drug a day for the rest of my life.

    I'm devoting all of my free time to the creation of minimalistic (read: horrendous) art.

    I've discovered a newfound appreciation for fire, cheap fireworks from Chinatown, and things that glow (in stick form).

    I've got piercings in my nostrils that are so big you can see right through them!

    I've attempted to barter for goods and services with bottled water, alcohol, and sex (key word: attempted).

    I've learned to juggle fire and swallow swords.

    Wait a minute...

    The Mayans didn't predict the end of the world. They predicted Burning Man!

    DAMN IT.

    I...have to make some phone calls.

    Also, does anyone know how long LSD lasts?

    The War Z

    Keeping with the apocalyptic theme, have you heard about the highly controversial zombie game, The War Z? The War Z is so that Steam stopped selling it and issued refunds. Naturally I had to get it. Here's the video.

  • Aussie In NYC.

    Australian Xangan, @vysion, made a visit to the US. Of course, no visit here is complete without a stop in NYC. We decided to gather up a bunch of friends (mostly Xangans) for brunch. That turned out to be just an opening for drunkenness to come.
    Rayuela. Delicious food and excellent decor. Their service was excellent and attentive to our needs.
    Viet @Ju1cyXCouture meet Viet @vysion. And a Korean @junbelievable08.
    Having the upstairs dining area to ourselves. We claim it Chinatown.
    Menus here! (photo courtesy of @lCrAzYAzNl)
    Vy is in disbelief. "PEOPLE DRIVE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD?!"
    Round 1 of 9. Cheers!
    Chelle makes the loveliest faces!
    I stand corrected.
    Delicious and refreshing.
    EW! Girls!
    Taking pictures of Jeff and Ron @infinitiny taking pictures. PIC-CEPTION!
    The noms arrive.
    We ordered so many rounds, our waiter must've hated us by the end of brunch.
    Discussing fantasy football.
    @behindthedimples sprouts a few bunny ears.
    The Ying Wang Twins (@Scrooge0).
    Jeff toasts to all.
    Vy trying to be racist.
    Shots! Shots! Shots!
    Moving onto our next location.
    Into Chinatown for...
    Soup dumplings!
    Om nom nom nom.
    And sleeping.
    The Boston/NY rivalry takes a temporary break.
    Off to Whiskey Tavern for more drinks. Our livers hated us.
    Perfect place to catch Sunday Night Football.
    Drinking recommences with pickle back shots, or as I like to call them, "Nickelback" shots.
    Mo' dranks.
    Coolest shirt of the night.
    So three Koreans walk into a bar...
    Mo dranks!
    Hugging right in front of the wife. TAKE THAT, @urbanspringlove!
    Losing count of how many shots.
    Yingster and Nancy finally meet!
    This place had awesome pizza (which I faintly recall eating), but had the best lamp ever. "Fra-gee-lay!"

  • Is Your Town Famous for Anything?

    I saw this news article on Yahoo's frontpage and was labeled "The fanciest McDonald's in the U.S." and I thought it looked familiar. This McDonald's, originally the Denton House, is just three blocks from my home. Many might not know about it and I see it so often that I'm jaded by it. Good times--spent on the toilet.

    For those curious, it's still the same food. But the ambiance is definitely nicer than most establishments. It's two levels, and on the second level they have an area for birthday parties. It's extremely clean inside and out.

    Is your town famous for anything? If possible, leave a link or tell us where it's located.

  • I'm pregnant.

    Since every pregnant lady posts pictures of their belly for the internet to see, I caved in and decided to post mine. How did I do?
    Baby is about 6 months, which translates to 17 chicken wings, a shrimp po'boy, chicken fried bacon, 4 pints of beer, half a liter of sake, and 6 shots of whiskey.

  • A Trip to Las Vegas: Part III

    Day 3 - Best Buffet Experience at the Wicked Spoon.

    On our final day in the city of Sin, we decided to keep it low key. And by low key, we meant visiting the one of my most memorable dining experience at the Wicked Spoon. It was a sea of various food stations, ranging from roasted bone marrow to 40 flavors of gelato.
    Their famed bone marrow. It was everything I imagined.
    A small sampling of what I ate. I think they took a loss when I ate here.

    Strip Strolling.
    A live fire show. Straight from Hawaii.
    No eyebrows singed.
    One of our friends being selected for a dance-off. We lost.
    I spot Michael Jackson!
    Made even more famous by Oceans 11.
    A high person's haven.
    Duck you!
    Gotta collect them all!

    Here's a video compilation of my trip.

    Until next time, Las Vegas.

  • A Trip to Las Vegas: Part II

    Night 1 - Club Marquee
    And a night at the hottest night club Club Marquee.

    A recap of what I could recall and piece together with my friends during this bender.

    • Half-naked women all over the dance floor.
    • Five men and cocktail waitresses were on standyby at all times
    • Our table stayed poolside.
    • *distorted memory here*
    • Stumbling into the casino and having breakfast as the sun was rising.
    • Hot tubs. So much hot tub.
    • Woke up to a female's email. Phone numbers are so passe.
    • There was a steak lodged into our bathtub.
    • Received a random text that said: Haahagehahahahhahddjssjeje
    • Almost had a threesome. Friend's account "Girl said she thought Chris was cute. Asked him to dance and he refused. Then she came to me as a last resort and told me that me and Chris could have our way with her." Then I called her a hooker. Whoops!
    • *distorted/blacked out memory here*
    • My friend handed me these foreign strips, which I thought were mint strips. Turned out it they were energy strips. I didn't fall asleep until 7am
    This happened all in one night. Here are the photos.

    We enter one of the most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas, Marquee. The buildup before entering the club felt just like a Disney ride. It was ridiculous. For bottle services, you have a guy who brings girls to you on command. If you like someone, point them out. Just like that. It was something straight out of Entourage. On top of that, there were two ladies on standby to serve drinks, another guy to refresh mixers and ice, and a personal bouncer (an ex-Air Force member by the name of Mike).

    The previous night, I was at Los Angeles' Supperclub where DJ Gregori Klosman played a set that was pretty good. The following night in Marquee, I spot his name on the list of DJs playing that night. It was a sign!
    Making our way up via the VIP elevators.
    Couldn't tell if this was blurry due to my sheer excitement or bass thumping.
    Conveniently placed waterfall next to the restrooms. THAT WILL HELP YOU HOLD YOUR PEE IN...
    Hot tubs in clubs. Ridiculous level x10.
    The view from across our table.
    A bit of dranks.
    Making some new friends. Worst decision in asking if the carpet matches the drapes...or BEST decision?
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  • A Trip to Las Vegas

    Day 1: The Cosmopolitan Hotel.
    A tour of the hotel.

    My first time in Vegas, I wanted it to be memorable. With flowing alcohol, those memories are quite difficult to hold onto. But here are a collection of photos during my stay at The Cosmopolitan hotel and my first impressions of a weekend spent in the Sin City.
    Sometimes, the only way to get around is topless. Ladies, take note.

    The trip started with us departing Los Angles. We made the mistake of driving a convertible for hours. In theory, it would be an awesome idea and get ALL the ladies. In practice, I froze my left testicle off after driving on the highway for four hours. This has solidified my thoughts on never wanting a convertible again.
    Almost there!
    Taking a leak: mandatory.
    Literal signs of Las Vegas.
    And here we are.

    I heard great things about this hotel. The huge buzz and wait list when it first opened. A club-like atmosphere. The exquisite restaurants within. And most importantly, security so good, you rarely see a prostitute under $225.

    The first thing you notice is how modern and chic the hotel is. If Sony and Coach got married and created a hotel, this would be it.
    It's a sensory overload when you first arrive. A bit much? Never!

    The check-in process was quick and effortless thanks to my wonderful host, Diana, a fellow Xangan who shall remain anonymous (or if you prefer to be linked, let me know!). Either that, or it was due to my irresistible charm (slipping a fresh Washington to the concierge. Kidding) from the moment we stepped into the lobby, things were taken care of.
    One of two suites we were generously comp'd. Blogging does have its perks (and making new friends)!
    The TV had poker and blackjack with real money bets. I almost lost a liver to a full house.
    The jacuzzi within bathroom #1.

    The hotel was not very kid friendly, in that I mean there's a nipple slip bound to happen--particularly as evening rolls around--though the pool area is slightly more inviting for the children. Then again, why are you in Vegas with kids?
    A wonderful view from the balcony.
    The same view at night.

    - Club Marquee
    "Three is better than one."

  • Girl Gamers.

    Where are the girl gamers at? What games are you playing?