November 8, 2010

  • Asian Parents Think You’re Sick.
    All the time.

    Is it just my parents or do all Asian parents think that once you sneeze (for the first time that day), you are assumed to have a cold?

    It could be the middle of summer with record highs, and once they hear a sneeze out of you, it results in a 4 hour lecture about “tricky weather” and not wearing enough clothes. Really? I’ve a puddle of sweat forming under me that Michael Phelps could do a few laps in. And if they are cold, stop the presses, because you have to be cold as well! July heat, meet big puffy winter hooded jacket outside while the other kids outside are wearing shorts and thongs. An Asian mom will always ensure the child has an unnecessary amount of layers and jackets.

    And with all Asian parents, they’ll have these crazy old wives tales to scare you into wearing additional clothing. If their tales were actually true, half my body would’ve fallen off by now and I’d be half blind.

    “If you go to bed with wet hair, you’ll get a headache!

    “If you drink cold liquids before eating hot foods, you’ll get a stomach ache!

    “If you go outside for .0015 seconds when it’s cold, you’ll get pneumonia!

    Asian parents : Why aren’t you wearing those slippers I bought you inside the house? You’ll get sores on your feet and they’ll drop off!
    You: …uh huh.
    Asian parents (while holding baseball bat): WEAR SLIPPERS!

    Do your parents make a huge deal out of sickness; sneezes and coughing?

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  • nope… i stay in my room and sneeze! hahaha

  • no. M&D don’t care.

  • nope they do not

  • YES!. okay my parents are like pretty full on with this. whenever they hear me sneeze or cough ONCE they like to tell me to take drugs lots of it.

  • yup! And then she’ll immediately make me some soup and some congee. But now that I don’t live with my mom, I’ll be lucky to have some… =(

  • My grandma for sure. She keeps wanting to feed me her cure all soup too. You know what soup I’m talking about.

  • My parents have a way of blaming me when I get sick. I had walking pneumonia last summer, my dad said it was because I don’t eat meat. AND my sis was convinced I had malaria cuz I had night shivers. If I get a headache, it’s because I drink soda or I listen to loud music or I don’t eat enough kimchee or I don’t sleep enough/ sleep too much. And my mom always, always, always thinks it’s strep throat. That must’ve been the first english words she learned. If I cough, she’s looking inside my throat, telling me she sees the STREP!

  • Mine did when I was a lot younger. Any sneeze or cough would be carefully interrogated.

  • mine assume i need to man up

  • @ElusiveWords - 

    Forgot the name, but seems like every Asian family has the recipe.

  • HAHA my mom does the slipper thing… good thing i don’t live at home- she just sends them to my via my sister

  • And then when you really are sick with a cold, they bring you to the doctor within 2 days.

    Ugh I feel like shit right now.. ): getting the chills.. oh no.

  • achoo! a jew!

  • “your face has no blood”
    “go donate blood, it cleans out the toxins that cause pimples”
    “dizzy? are u anemic/diabetic/hypertensive?”

  • My Mom would claim remedies she reads on Chinese newspaper “scientific”…like adding salt to egg is ‘deadly’. MUST stay away from microwave when it’s turned on, if not, we will all die of brain damages from caused by radiation. If you don’t working 8+ days a week, you are a lazy sack of shit. On and Ooooon….

  • omg my parents say the EXACT SAME THINGS.
    one sneeze in the morning = a bowl of bitter chinese medicine at night..

  • I live over an hour away from my parents, and they still called me (individually) to give me their suggestions once they found out I was sick. I remember I hated being sick as a kid because my parent’s wrath was worse than the illness itself.

    BTW–I get headaches all the time now, caught pneumonia twice in my life, and wear slippers all the time inside my condo now.

  • yeah, been hearing it since i was little.

  • YES. And don’t you hate it when they’re right. almost all the time.

  • As a kid, I was sorta sick from age 1 to about 4. At age 25, I’m STILL getting griped at for things like not wearing house shoes, wearing a “thin jacket” (which is actually a very thick hoodie), and my personal favorite–”Wear a hat!”. Now keep in mind I have a curly afro thing going on. I also wear head scarves. On top of that, I’ve got earmuffs and a neck scarf thing. It’s never enough! Like I don’t know how to dress myself or something. Pops and his gf both have actually stopped me to “fix” my stuff…O_o

    Funny thing, nobody turns their head if I cough or sneeze. Unless it’s my grandma, of course. I’m her little poopsie. If it’s cold and I cough hard enough, she will nag me to death to put something on.

  • I thought you got lice if you went to bed with your hair wet. That’s what my Korean mom always said~

  • they dont but my grandparents do

  • my asian boyfriend doesn’t wear jackets, even in the winter. maybe his parents are trying to kill him? hahaha

  • My mom used to tell me before , ” If you go to bed with wet hair, you’ll become blind.” I did but til now my eyes are fine..

    Asian moms are truly protective that sometimes they appear crazy. But I love the way the care us asian kids.

  • omg, my parents were exactly the same! hahah.

  • haha yes , but just sometimes =D

  • No. I had to take care of myself as long as I’m not on the verge of dying…

  • Haha my grandma was like that…. we HAD to wear slippers around her house and had to make sure we dried our hair before we slept or before we left the house. As for mum she waits till she hears us sneeze 3 times.. then on the 3rd sneeze she’d be like: “The medecine is in the top kitchen drawer on the left hand side, go get it NOW!!……. *compassion sinks in* “hurry darling, don’t want you getting sick”… heh. I still wear slippers, they grew on me.

  • I find asian people who are new to the country to be extremely over the top about their customs. And that being said….. how wrong they are, lol.

  • i still believe in the sleeping with wet hair thing

  • You DO get a head ache if you go to bed with wet hair. There might be some truth to that one :)

  • I just wanted to leave a comment to say that the girl in the first picture looks more like she’s having an orgasm than a sneeze attack.
    Nice post.

  • They always say i don’t dress enough haha

  • My dad is like that too :( Every time I need to sneeze, I run to my room LOL
    And if he here’s me sneezing, he’d be like ‘See, that’s what happens when you go out at night bleh bleh bleh’ hahaha

  • doesn’t look like they’re sneezing. looks like they’re bustin a nut

  • Mom is still like that. Unless it’s blazing hot, the weather is ALWAYS “transitional.”

  • my parents definitely make a big deal about it. i mean… i have to try NOT to sneeze or cough in front of them (whether i do or not have cold didnt matter) because i didnt want to hear my mom yelling at me. she would get mad at me for being “sick” (even though i wasnt) and start to lecture. she’d also say if i had to go to the hospital then too bad, she wouldnt take me cuz its my fault…??

    too much to deal with just because of a cough or sneeze. oh. my mom is viet fyi lol

  • oh wow. been while since i’ve seen an actual post from ya. (meant in the most non offensive way ever)

    lol. but yeah. ur not alone. i think its in every asian household

  • i always wondered if asian parents raise asian children, as the children keep referring to their parent as asian parent


  • Nope. My parents hated recognizing my brothers and me being ill. A cold would turn into bronchitis and my parents said, “Stop coughing! You’re not sick!” But I did grow up with weird sayings. My mom always scolded me to not sit on cold concrete unless I had a blanket or something to cushion my butt. lol

  • lol yeah my mom kind of does…she heard me cough the other day and asked if I was getting sick. I said no…just clearing my throat…and my dad won’t let me wear flip flops because he thinks I’ll get a bad back from them. If he sees me with them on, he makes me change into different shoes -_-

  • There was a day (one day) in September when my asthma was acting up. My mom still asks me if I’m still coughing. It’s been two months.

  • AHHAHA I have to agree with you completely here, it drives ms crazy sometimes when they keep mentioning these things.

  • they tell me to take medicine and all that
    but when it comes to skipping a day at school, they never let me.
    once they denied me and then a couple of weeks late i had to go surgery. lol

  • don’t forget about that bitter herbal tea

  • Funny thing, nobody turns their head if I cough or sneeze. Unless it’s my grandma, of course. I’m her little poopsie. If it’s cold and I cough hard enough, she will nag me to death to put something on.ugg boots cardy

  • well parents are parents they overexaggerate everything just ot be on the safe side I guess, but only for their well-being.

  • yes! especially my mom. Whenever she hears me CLEAR MY THROAT, she asks “are you getting sick?”..I tell her no, and then she goes, “if you’re not sick, then you shouldn’t be clearing your throat like that”. LOL

  • FINALLY. Someone other than me who gets what slippers are.

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  • I have horrible allergies and so my parents are now more likely to ask me if I’m sick. I know exactly what you mean about all the little rules. I think my dad tells me to make sure I have enough layers on every morning when I leave the house!

  • not the sneeze but definitely the headaches and stomachaches….also they always complain about me not bringing enough clothes

  • lol my dad made me wear a jacket when I was in Vegas during the summer.

  • … but it does give me a headache.

  • Yeah, my parents would go on and on about the weather change and my lack of clothes on. They can’t emphasize enough about good health.

  • When my parents see me cough they slap the shit outta me and say the world has no place for pussies.

  • I always heard if you sleep with wet hair you will go crazy heh.

  • my parents see me cough they slap the shit outta me and say the world has no place for pussies.moncler coats

  • @Thatslifekid - 

    i can care if they don’t!

  • @actuallyfeel_alive - 

    mind out of gutter. Stat!

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