Month: July 2013


    After a successful campaign, we get to see Xanga move onto version 2.0. It's been a roller coaster of emotions for many.

    When we all first heard the news of Xanga possibly shutting down.

    Then we started seeing people donating.

    After a while, donations slowed.

    Whenever we got a rare update from the Xanga Team.

    When the first "deadline" approached.

    When Xangans started to feel "lied to."

    Half of Xanga (that felt lied to) versus the other half who supported Xanga no matter what.

    How most Xangan feel after this whole campaign.

    When we finally reached the fundraising goal today.

    What people thought of the Xanga Team after they reached their goal.

    Going through the numerous Xanga threads on Facebook regarding the fundraiser.

    How most people view @thexangateam

    How @edlives must feel right now.

    How we all should feel after everything is said and done. This is Xanga and the community that makes it so great compared other blogging platforms. Let's move on and have some fun!

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  • Final Xanga Post.

    So here we are. The final days, hours, minutes of Xanga are here.

    In slightly discouraging news, we are still ways from our goal of saving Xanga. A new Korean compact car away, to put it in perspective. However, if Bill Gates or Oprah happen to find this and are feeling more generous than usual, perhaps we'll see each other once more down the road leaving eProps for one another. If not, it can only be summed up in a short, but powerful clip from Titanic.

    If you haven't been offended (greatly) by me during my time on Xanga, we can keep in touch through Twitter or Facebook.

    I don't like to blog, this is for non-entertainment purposes only.
      Posted 5/30/2002 7:07 PM

    My first Xanga post. Oh, the irony. Oh, how far it's come.

  • A Moment of Panic.
    This shampoo is amazing!

    In the middle of math class, a random boner popped up. As fate would have it, the teacher selects me to come to the front and solve a math problem. My face was immediately tomato red, I never sweat so profusely and so quickly. I tried to buy some time by "tying" my shoelaces. After about 10 seconds (not nearly enough time), I kind of hunched over and speed walked like a senior citizen at the mall, straight to the chalkboard. I don't know if anyone noticed my half limpy in my pants, but I never felt so much panic in such a short period of time.

    What moment in your life caused the most panic?

  • Cakalusa Goes to Hell. Then back to Ethiopia.
    Oh, herro.

    So a few friends and I make our way around St. Marks in the city, trying to dodge traffic while looking for a parking spot. While looking, I spot an Ethiopian restaurant. That's when the devil horns came shooting out of my scalp; I had to blurt out to my friends a snide comment. Almost "go straight to hell" worthy.

    "It must be bland to eat air."

    Random Bowling and Gaming.
    Wow, what a clear view of Optimus Prime's balls!
    Eight player linked Daytona racing. A classic!
    How did this Xangan (now defunct!) do?
    You be the judge of whether she did well or not (hint: gutter).

    Random funny image of the day
  • Xanga Winner Chicken Dinner.

    A few weeks ago, @saintvi hosted a grand giveaway to help promote the Xanga crowdhoster. I was lucky enough to win a prize. A number of days pass and I get this package in the mail.
    Thumb up for scale. Mobile re-purposed as a censorship tool.
    The contents inside. I sniffed the shirt and it had a hint of eProps.
    The rarest of rare times that I'll take a mirror shot.
    I'll be rocking this shirt everywhere now.

    Thanks again for the shirt, @Saintvi!

  • Jewish Mothers and Asians.

    Reposting from my Facebook.

    "Jewish mother stereotype - The stereotype generally involves a nagging, loud, highly-talkative, overprotective, smothering, and overbearing mother or wife, who persists in interfering in her children's lives long after they have become adults and who is excellent at making her children feel guilty for actions which may have caused her to suffer." - 





    What are some things your parents do that annoy you?

  • Drunken Gambling

    Me: How was your weekend?
    Coworker: Went to the casinos.
    Me: Which one?
    Coworker: Harrah's. Had the pool, black jack...
    Me: Hah! That's where I drunkenly slipped and fell on my head in the bathroom.
    Coworker laughs: That's where I dropped my phone in the toilet!
    Me: Ah, memories.

    What's your favorite drunken story?

    Random Photo of the Day
    The perfect holiday card.


    Xanga is about to go belly up. I'd love to go out with a bang.

    So let's have a huge Xanga orgy.

    Who's with me? I'll provide the boxed wine.

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