June 10, 2013

  • There's selfies. And then there's this.


    If you're vain, and take a few photos of yourself in a new shirt, or want to show off your new face tattoo on Facebook, I'll allow it. But if you dedicate albums of photos for your ugly mug to be to shown across the Internet, you deserve every bit of criticism.

    An opportunity to make fun of someone, you say?

    Don't mind if I do!

    The latest target comes from a Xangan (who shall remain anonymous), who requested, "wanna make fun of a super conceited vain guy on your blog?" I'm glad that yours truly comes to mind when things like this need to be addressed.

    So I headed over to his Facebook and browsed around. I immediately smelled this man's ego from ten miles away. His thumbs must get a great workout from clicking the shutter button all day on his cameraphone.


    After a while, I thought "okay, he likes taking pictures of himself." But five minutes later and pages upon pages of scrolling through, it was littered with nothing but albums of himself. Jesus. Christ.

    At first I was somewhat okay with it. Amazed, really, as to how a person can post so many selfies.

    But after the 50th album of himself


    According to my source, "his parents are super loaded, so he moved to Hong Kong and started his own modelling agency to meet girls." Damn. He got to my master plan before I did.


    Here's my favorite album. His "Multiple faces of disappointment...2013." Two-thousand-freaking-thirteen. Does this dude have annual albums advertising his disappointing faces? Does he require his friends to witness how disappointed we are in his terrible facial expressions and photography choices?

    "Oh, me sleeping? PREPARE MY DISAPPOINTED FACE!"

    Asian Facepalming knows no bounds.


    Oh wow! Someone other than himself in his pictures. Though I'm sure he's about to snap that girl's neck for intruding into his picture.

    RIP, girl.

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