Month: January 2013

  • Dear Girls...

    Trying my hand at those "Dear Girls" multipanel Tumblr images where a teenage-looking kid biting his lower lip holds up signs with inspirational messages on them.

    Am I doing it correctly?

  • Like To Dislike.

    Are humans programmed to criticize? To dislike and question everything?

    If a book is made into a movie, it's quickly dismissed by those who feel "it isn't like the book."
    If a video game is made into a movie, people shun it.
    If a movie had a video game adaption, it's rarely praised.
    Do you really dislike Justin Bieber and Twilight or is it because the Internet and Reddit told you so? Have you even listened to or watched the aforementioned?

    Why is that?

  • Let's Play: SimCity Beta.

    I'm a huge SimCity fan. Maxis makes really fun games (and we'll forget Spore) that are highly additcting (The Sims). The last iteration of the series, SimCity 4, was released almost 10 years ago. So it's not a surprise when I heard the news there would be a new SimCity 5 coming out in March, I kicked a baby and sucked on his mom's teet.

    I was fortunate enough to land an early Beta access to the game. I got to sit down and play it for five hours straight. This extended hands-on time gave me a better sense of SimCity than ever before. I recorded my gaming sessions and posted them below. It gave me a few points about the game and what it offers.

    The tutorial.

    Gameplay with Zombie Attack!

    Yep, I've found my next game purchase.

  • My Last Meal.

    The Last Meals of Inmates on Death Row.
    I could go for a Ted Bundy.

    After looking through this album of deliciousness--albeit, with a side of gruesomeness--I was left wondering what I would choose as my last meal, considering the budget of $60. I couldn't think of anything more original than a fat juicy steak, fried chicken wings, a triple-patty bacon cheeseburger, a meat-lover's deep dish pizza, a bottle of Coke, and cookies & cream ice cream for dessert.

    So I was wondering, what would you guys choose?

  • Truck crashes into bar, pins patrons

    I read this news article. It's pretty much a lady crashing her truck into a bar. I'll hold back all my comments regarding women behind the wheel. I fear of feminists knocking on my front door with curling irons, threatening to place it in my orifices that aren't curling iron friendly.

    After watching this, naturally, I had to make this:

  • The Ultimate Snack Prank.

    All work and no play make for a boring office environment. That's why you have someone like me in the office. Never will Asian Shrimp snacks be seen the same way after today.

  • Random Funny Photos of the Day

    Set your Laugh-O-Meter to "high." Here are some hilarious photos I've come across while browsing the Internet.
  • I'm currently high on vicodin and codeine.

    Ask me anything!
    Why I'm currently in the fun zone.
  • NEW VIDEO! K-Town: Drunk NYC Edition

    Jersey Shore? That's sooooo 2009! It's all about Korea town now! If you enjoy watching drunk Asians and Koreans, you will enjoy this. Maybe.

    Can any Korean speakers, please translate 1:46-2:12 for me? Thanks!

    What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

  • A Sketchbook from highschool.

    Found my binder from high school. Dusted it off. Opened it up and flipped through the pages. Notes were taken, obviously.

    Here are a few of those pages.

  • Keep Your Hands Clean.

    I try to floss my teeth in the bathroom at work after lunch as often as possible. So I stand by the sink for a couple minutes. Recently, I've been observing the bathroom users. Thankfully, almost everyone washes their hands before they leave. Or maybe it's just because I'm standing there.

    Therefore, I propose the idea that we place a mannequin in every restroom to promote better hygiene practices.
    "Oh my god. Look at the size of it..."

    Other things I've noticed while observing male behavior in the men's room.
    • There are three urinals, many ignore the unspoken rule of leaving a space between each urinal.

    • Men who poop don't like using bathroom stalls that are 75% filled. They will either find another more empty restroom or return 15 minutes later.
    • Timid people like using the large, spacious handicapped stalls. They also tend to wait till the restroom is completely empty (at least they think it is...) before pooping.
    • There are eight sinks. The most used ones are nearest to the entrance and usage drastically diminishes as you go towards the back of the restroom.
    • Men flush with their feet to avoid touching it with their hands.

    • There is an even split of disposable toilet cover users and lining the seat with toilet paper. Some go bare. They are true warriors.
    • If there is nobody around, men will not flush urinals

    I'm the Jane Goodall of male bathroom behavior.

  • A Friendly Letter to Xangans.

    Dear Respectful One,

    Permit me to introduce myself to you, my name is Franklin Samanya Falogo, the only child of Late General Dago Falogo Bogan. I am 27 Years of age, I am seeking for your attention to help me receive and invest this sum of 7.5 million eProps, into your Xanga account in your Country.

    My late parents was assassinated by the rebel loyal to the Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara, because of the political dispute on his blog and his relationship and loyalty to MySpace. Before his assassination, he has already informed me about a fund deposit which he deposited in a bank on my name as the next of kin and advice me to seek for a foreign associate in any country of my choice, where this fund (500,000 Xanga credits) can transfer for investment purpose, (such as Plugz or Xanga Premium).

    Presently, I was able to locate all the fund deposit document and agreement at one of my late father's Xanga Archives.

    I am honorably seeking your assistance in the following ways.

    1) To provide a Xanga account where this eProps would be transfer.
    2) To present you as my guardian.
    3) You rec this post.

    Moreover, I am willing to compensate for your effort input after the successful transfer of this fund to your designate account overseas. I look forward for your earlier response.
    Please Contact me email: cakalusa [AT] yahoo [DOT] com for more information.

    Yours faithfully,

    Franklin Samanya Falogo

  • Coffee Beer. Enjoying it over time.

    What's something you disliked, but enjoyed/accepted over time?

    Growing up, I disliked the taste of coffee and beer. I would occasionally take a sip from my dad whenever he drank, just to experiment and to see why it was so popular. As I grew older, I started to enjoy both beer and coffee, but more so for their effects. Now, I do enjoy various types of beer and drink my coffee black (just like how I like my women).

  • Dark Matter.

    Manhattan, New York

  • A Christmas Cruise: Part 2

    Ah, so ye came back for more, aye? I be talkin' like a pirate, now I can't stop! Well, feast your eyes on a bounty of photos and a special motioned picture down below. YARRR!.

    Day 5.
    Atlantis. That catwalk you see above is the Atlantis Bridge Suite. Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson's stayed there once. At around $25,000 a night.
    Steve Irwin's arch nemesis.
    Holly days.
    Don't tap the glass...SMASH IT!
    Sushi. Mmm...
    Piss like a racehorse.
    Ya mon!
    How to get sandal burn in 30 minutes.
    I think this is the national flower? I don't remember.
    Trying the local fare.
    Sunset dining? I can get used to this.
    Off to the other islands we go!
    A bit of whiskey tasting. For $10, it was a bargain!
    Only 7,000 made each year. can really taste the Pappy Van Winkle.
    Some more nomming.
    The show goes on!
    More noms.
    Chocolate night.
    Until next time!

    Have you been on a cruise? What did you think of it and would you do it again?